Beautiful kind of thoughts (Pt. 6)


You are sitting at a corner in a coffee shop staring at the sea of people talking and laughing, taking pictures in front of you, when all of a sudden a memory from the past crosses your mind and you are in deep thoughts and out of nowhere, the side of your lips twitch up into a smile. Important events are stored in your core memories and when you think back about it, you realize how far you have come up to this position today. I believe everything happens for a reason and sometimes it may not seem like so, but the future holds something we may not know of. Sometimes you need cry and be sad. You need to break down and be torn apart. You need to learn how to pick yourself up and put yourself back together and keep looking forward, believing in yourself and hoping for the best.

  “Hidden thoughts”

You might be wondering, why I chose an unoccupied  picture that has none other than black painted all over it as an inspiration. This vast color holds many secrets and mysteries and if you let your imagination run wild, you can create something beautiful out of it or something bloodcurling that will make you cringe every time you think about it. In my personal experience, this has helped me through dark times but sometimes it can bring affliction upon ourselves. But its the way we perceive this. Darkness is not scary. It’s not being emo and listening to metal songs. I see it as way of escaping the reality of nightmare to a wonderland of dreams. I see it as a peaceful night, talking to the man on the moon while star gazing. I see it as laying down on the bed, listening to ambient sounds while snoozing off. Darkness in an enigma, only the way we see it as, we think that’s the key to uncovering many mysteries. As for me, I see it as a recovery, because through the cracks is where the light can shine.

“Just black? Nothing is ever just the color black. That color could destroy the universe, it could be the reason behind our demise. Do not underestimate the power of the color black.”

12 thoughts on “Beautiful kind of thoughts (Pt. 6)

  1. this post is beautifully perfectly written you have no idea -every word, thoughts, every explanation is absolutely true I cannot agree with you more. it hits me like a truck every time I passed by someone who smelled like my pet dog (who tragically died in an accident) or the perfume once worn by my parents who divorced, or hearing the children’s laughter of joy in the playground reminds me of my childhood days where the stars never fail to show up- certain days I would lie on the green grass surrounded by tiny water droplets after the rain had just receded, staring at those bright stars(sometimes I wish I could just catch them and put them in my pockets) when I would began deciding and debating about my future (deciding how many kids I want and what to name them and etc. I was just 5 years old tho back then idk what was I thinking) Sitting down here writing this to someone who has mutual thoughts and feelings, reminiscing my happy and bitter old times where I grew up in my hometown with my grandparents. It feels great! hometown is where every being’s important events took me its a place where I fell and first broke my two front teeth, place where my grandparents would make scrumptious and mouthwatering healthy meals, place where my grampa spanked my booty for running away from the dentist for treatment, and many other events that I’d cherished. but how I wish we could rewind time and fix everything into the right place, and things would’ve been easier. but this is not how it goes, God put us through trials to make us stronger, so that we can overcome obstacles in our lives, which is never easy. corresponding to what you said this is also similar to putting yourself back together and move forward hoping for the best! We cant focus on the pain that we’re currently going through but most importantly to what God has in plan for us. for we never know what lies ahead. Thank you so much or bringing this up you have no idea how much this means to me!!! all the love xx

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  2. yess black is one of my fave colorrr haha. My math teacher once asked me whether zero is nothing and I replied and scoffed at her, saying that zero its obviously nothing. She shot back at me firmly saying,”you fool, its not nothing”

    Im joking. She stood unflinchingly saying,” Zero is not nothing. It is SOMETHING and it plays a veryy important role in the realm of numbers.” When I thought about it again I realized what she said was right.She was right all along -that zero IS something, just because its zero and empty, it does not mean that its nothing. It actually means everything and that they are something behind nothing.

    For instance, when your girl is not in the mood to talk to you, when you asked her ‘is everything okay’. Her reply would most probably be “I’m okay, I’ts nothing”. You know her too well about the fact that she’s lying and she’s probably hiding something from you. We all know that her ‘nothing’ is more than nothing- its gotta be something!
    Same thing applied here, plain black doesn’t mean nothing, empty and boring because some sees this beautiful color as escaping nightmares and this means everything.
    Don’t get me wrong but money is different. zero money is absolutely nothing because money is representational. It is a monetary unit to represent something/someone in particular.

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    1. Hahaha yes different situations different meanings. Everyone’s perception is different and that is what that builds us, shapes us who we are now (: find beauty in everything (: let your imagination run wild and you will never know what secrets you might uncover (:

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  3. This series of postings (1-6), is some truly thoughtful writing, done clearly and with style. Each posting in the series had at least one moment ( sometimes more than one) where I just stopped reading to mull over the ideas a bit. Very interesting series of postings.

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