Beautiful kind of thoughts (Pt. 4)

(continued from BEAUTIFUL KIND OF THOUGHTS Pt. 3)

Inspiration comes in many form. They help us, shape us to who we are now. They come by handy in time of need when we think the whole world is crumbling. They not only help us to sit down and write a book, or draw a beautiful scenery, but also gives us positive thoughts on not giving up and that there’s always a choice to recovery.

   Picture by : Alicia, “Selfless “

“I was inspired by the selfless nature of a tree. A tree gives us life. It gives us nutrients, fruits, resources, flowers and even shelter. But it gets nothing in return. I admire that the tree solely lives to retain our mere existence. To benefit others. I aspire to become as selfless as a tree. To live my life to benefit others and not myself. I want my whole objective and duty in life  is to serve others to satisfy my soul and not recognition. In my opinion, that is what a meaningful life is and I wish to live it.”


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