Beautiful kind of thoughts (Pt. 2)

(continued from BEAUTIFUL KIND OF THOUGHTS  Pt. 1)

I have always been fascinated by art and if art was a human being, I would imagine someone with plenty of colors, more than one head and 8 artistic arms spiraling around painting the walls of grey people. Personally, I love art but being told “you weren’t good enough” stopped me from even trying. Having to grow up with two elder sisters that are beautifully, incredible artists puts me at a place where I would be critiqued each and every time I tried. It developed into anxiety as to why I don’t draw much but when I do, I wont show it to anyone. But what really amazes me is the passion to paint their mind and feelings on a canvas. A story behind every art is an untold story.

 Picture by : Samuel, “An Unknown Continuum”

“This is a screen capture of my favorite film ‘The Fountain’. Every time I look at it I feel like I’m transported to a different dimension. Reminds me that life on Earth is not everything. There’s more to just that.”


2 thoughts on “Beautiful kind of thoughts (Pt. 2)

  1. this picture reminds me of the ever mysterious bermuda triangle between florida, puerto rico because dozens of planes and ships have dissappeared under mysterious circumstances in the area, earning the nickname ‘The devil’s Triangle’. To me, like this person had similarly said, its like its being transported into different dimension and that there’s more to that. this gave me chills for even bringing this up haha but I had to. Its so interesting part of me want to travel through bermuda triangle and see where I end up hahahah

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    1. Hahaha we can only imagine how we want it to be. You will never know maybe that missing planes or ships are taking a break and living their entire lives there! It’s all about our imagination. If you think it’s haunted, therefore it is (: But if you think it’s full of rainbows and dancing monkeys, then it is! (:

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