Beautiful kind of thoughts (Pt. 1)

“You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.” -Jack London

Have you ever wanted to sit in front of the desk, let your imagination run wild to create an adventure on a piece of paper? Or paint the colors of your mind on the emptiest of paper? Or better yet capture beautiful moments through a lens that you intend to keep it forever with you? But here I am, staring blankly at the screen at 4am thinking whether I should stop right here and end this piece of work but instead I took my phone out and was scrolling through my gallery when I stumbled upon a picture. A picture that brought memories and a meaning to it. At that moment it struck me, and I realized everyone has their moments that later on became an inspiration to them. So I gathered up a few of my close friends and wanted to know what inspires them and why.

  Picture by : Archunan,  “What lies above us 

“Sometimes you have to go back to actually move forward.”

We usually abide where we are and develop this sense of fear to take step forward. The best feeling comes when we push that feeling of fear of not accomplishing greater things in life, that anxiety that sticks around and that constant hammering of voices in the head to take a step further and start a new day with new aim. Always tell people how you feel because opportunities are lost in the blink of an eye but regrets can last for a lifetime.

  Picture by : Alrissa, “Reflection”

“If I see creations or arts like these, I’ll always look at the texture, the intensity and the contrast of the two different colors combining with each other, the sounds of nature world. These things would leave me in awe and often reminds me of how great is our God creating unimaginable and unspeakable things that we have yet to see and explore. Can you imagine waking through an art museum and not seeing any trees? No mountains or valleys, rivers or sunrises? No birds or butterflies? No boats on rough waves or peaceful landscape? Its impossible, because nature is everywhere in art. To me, being outdoors can lift our spirits and increase our creativity. The beauty of nature reflected in art is just another reminder of our need to protect it. Plus, it gives me the passion to do what I love doing most such as drawing and reading without a care in the social world. Only those who loves art would truly understand and get what I’m trying to explain here.

21 thoughts on “Beautiful kind of thoughts (Pt. 1)

  1. This reminds me of a blog I read this morning called Forgive but don’t Forget. It depressed me but you have reversed that. This is the comment I made on that blog, To err is human, to forgive is divine, for many years that phrase gave me the feeling of a nail being scored on a blackboard but, as time advances, you realise holding grudges, holds you back, when, really, you want to go forward. So forgiveness is a release from the negatives of the past that can hold you back and memories that recall those negative thoughts are just hooks to draw you in, again

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  2. I’m a Diabetic, so learning to live with it is important. The hard way, I have learned that there’s a time for me to attempt creating on paper, and a time to just shuck it in. If it is not the right time, I will know it. I will trash a whole post. I, ironically enough am not looking for perfection, no not from the human front. I am looking for inhabitance. The Spirit has to inhabit my writing. So I’ve learned that when my blood sugar is high, my mind tends to control and attempt to substitute true creativeness with faux mental agility. God being the Creator, I cannot overrule Him. Gibberish, no not apparent gibberish, is what I write when my blood sugar is high. So, one of the things I do, is check my blood sugar at night upon going to bed, or after one and a half hours after my last meal. If it is a good number (between 85 and 125) I know that I can leave it alone, provided it is at least 4 to 3 hrs before bedtime. I can go to sleep safely knowing that I will awaken safely, not a cold corpse. Next step is I awake and have only water items (coffee, tea) but no sugar or milk in any of these, or juices. I have to remain like this prior to the conclusion my first post. Believe me I feel it, the hunger.
    But, then it is that I am strong, for I have Spiritual might, His Spirit places me on auto pilot. My posts are more sincere, my carnal side less intercedes, or corrupts the conclusions.
    Of course if you are a Diabetic on Insulin, this can be risky. I take Metformin.
    Also in place of the medication, at times I exercise. I conduct a brisk walk around the house, and the monotony of this leaves a door for ideas to flood me, and so I then proceed to work on them as I do that or other workouts. And yes, I am an artist to boot from childhood up. Thank you for the lovely post.

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    1. Thank you for the insights of how you are (: this is truly amazing of how you believe in Him and the journey you are in. I solely believe in you and bless you with everything (: thank you for sharing this (:

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