Brown on the outside 

“Wow, you look fairer and prettier now!” That very line constantly being said to me has taught me that they wouldn’t spare a second glance if I was this dark skinned girl. It has been a controversial not only in my family but I believe in yours too. What’s wrong in being a beautiful shade of brown? Take a look at the fries, if they were light as a vampires skin tone, you wouldn’t want undercooked fries but those yummy golden brown fries topped with salt and pepper served side by side with a Big Mac, you know it. But why is it such a big deal in having a darker shade of skin tone? All my life I thought it’s what on the insides that counts but I was living in lies. This new era requires high expectations to fit in the “norm” category and if we don’t, we are considered a misfit. But embracing who we are, there’s a beauty in it. We might be dark on the outside but full of light on the inside (:

36 thoughts on “Brown on the outside 

  1. you said “we might be dark on the outside but full of light on the inside” . I couldn’t agree more with you! but I have a few question that’s bothering me lately and I’ve been wanting to ask these question since forever. Today we’ve seen news about polices killing unarmed black men not once, not twice but countless times. So many innocent black men, women and even children are being treated unfairly and being falsely accused by whites. Why is this so? Why do people(especially whites) refuse to accept the fact that black lives matter? Say, if you are being selected for the presidential run next year on on the 2020, what would you do to overcome this issue? And is this issue similar to muslims today being treated differently by everyone due to the rise of ISIS ? Thank you so much!! (;

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    1. There was a time when black people were slaves to the white. We have watch countless of movies documenting on the lives of black people and how they were treated back then. Just because Christopher Columbus discovered America, the land had been ruled by whites ever since. And sometimes people are overprotective over their land thinking other people will be destruction to their land or try to take what is rightfully their away from them. The prejudice against black people had been there for centuries and to change someone’s perception is like trying to pick a grain from a pile of rocks, you can only pick some but not all. Just like humans, you can only change a few people’s perception but not all. And I would the issue with ISIS is somehow related to this too. There’s many prejudice against them and the crowd follows majority. And if I could change someone’s perception, it has to be something that will make a difference someday (:

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  2. Yes.Ultimately what matters is who you are on the inside and not what you are on the outside.I hate people talking and judging othes on the basis of colour.Its so lame !

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  3. It is what’s inside that matters the most, but most people do not realize that. That is why we live in a world of discrimination and racism. But if people like you work to spread knowledge, it is you who can change the world.
    Thanks for the follow by the way ^^
    Love Inf

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    1. We are judged based on how we look and that’s the society’s way of knowing a person by looking at them. Being different is proud and being different is brave, so have courage and believe in yourself (:


  4. Be different, be unique just be yourself.
    If you know that you are glowing in your light from inside, it doesn’t matter how they judge you from outside.
    This is so simple yet so impactful. More power to your pen.
    I would like to invite you to visit my page
    And would request you to follow back if you really like my work. Thanks in advance.
    Love & Regards

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